Hi, I’m Hubert.

Maple Dice is a small blog where I will talk about tabletop gaming and other things closely related. I hail from Montréal in Canada, hence the name.

What is tabletop gaming?

Tabletop game is gaming that occur around a table. With real people. This includes board games, card games and role playing games. Some people would think Monopoly as a board game, it is far from being the kind of game I enjoy. For role playing games, Dungeon and Dragons might be the first thing that comes to mind — stay tuned lot of different games.

So no computers?

Not as a mean of gaming. For role playing games they just serve as helper to read documents or eventually manage the game in the game master side, but they are not necessary — it started in 1974 without them. Pen, paper and eventually dice is all you need.

See below: some dice, some tokens (we used corks but that’s just for fun, could be chips, beads, etc), some paper.

Getting ready for Nova Praxis (weekly
RPG). Cork as FATE points.

Must be boring!

Nope. It is not boring. I enjoy it a lot. It is social as you meet other people. Also video games never kept me entertained. Tabletop games, definitely.


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