Hi, I’m Hubert.

Maple Dice is a small blog where I will talk about computers technology, FLOSS, and maybe tabletop gaming and other things closely related. I hail from Montréal in Canada, hence the name.


I have a love and hate relationship with computers. Love because they shaped my life in a lot ways. Hate because I program them for a living.


Tech is a larger topic, including so called “tech companies”, etc. and the associated subjects like privacy.

#tech #privacy


FLOSS has nothing to do with dental hygiene. It’s the acronym for Free-Libre-Open-Source Software, a software developement philosophy ; another part of computer technology that shaped my life.

What is tabletop gaming?

Tabletop game is gaming that occur around a table. With real people. This includes board games, card games and role playing games. Some people would think Monopoly as a board game, it is far from being the kind of game I enjoy. For role playing games, Dungeon and Dragons might be the first thing that comes to mind — stay tuned lot of different games.

However since the pandemic, things have changed. A lot.


So no computer gaming?

Possibly not. Or maybe for the tech side of things.



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