Links for January 2016

Gaming links for January 2016 and also 2015.

  • Dungeon Mastering: Ideas from Game of Thrones season 5 premiere (April 2015)

    Mild spoilers, but excellent list of ideas from an excellent TV series. The previous 4 seasons are full of this (I’m sure the books too, I have only read the first).

  • Boing Boing: A roleplaying game about ghosts, in just 150 words (April 2015)

    Some curiosities from the “indy” RPG world include a 150 words RPG about Ghosts, a RPG about Sheryl Crow (yes, that Sheryl Crow), etc. If you are getting tired of D&D or missing a player on your regular campaign, you could give these whirl.

  • Boing Boing: Enter the dull world of vintage corporate boardgames (April 2015)

    An overview of an industry themed American board games from the late 60s: efficient driving of a fork lift to save money. More like an item of a collection than an intersting game. So rare that it doesn’t have a boardgamegeek rating

  • Deborah Ann Woll Adds Extra D&D To Daredevil! (October 2015)

    For the release of Daredevils, the Netflix produced Marvel series, Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Karen Page in the series, reveals how she is a huge Dungeon and Dragons enthusiast.

    The article also links to an interview on Youtube.

  • Wired: Dungeons & Dragons Is a Lot Like Religion (January 2016)

    A parallel between religion and Dungeon & Dragon in Dangerous Games: What the Moral Panic over Role-Playing Games Says about Play, Religion, and Imagined Worlds a book written by Joseph P. Laycock, an assistant professor of religious studies at Texas State University:

    “He notes that fantasy and science fiction can play a similar role in the lives of secular people that miracle stories do for the religious.”

    Complete interview with the author in the podcast referenced in the article.