John Oliver invading Reddit

As the Reddit strike is going the BBC tells us Why is Reddit full of pictures of John Oliver?:

Moderators of the r/pics subreddit said that while its rules now only allowed users to post pictures of John Oliver “looking sexy”, in effect any picture of the comedian was allowed “because John Oliver is always sexy”.

Oliver seems to be more than fine with this:

The comedian, who holds British and US citizenship, took the posts in his stride on Twitter, calling it “excellent work” and telling Redditors to “have at it”, before posting a series of pictures which stretch the definition of the word “sexy”.

Sadly this topic might end up being too cold when Last Week Tonight resume after the writer strike put it on hiatus.1

The r/iPhone subreddit decided to go with Tim Cook instead.

Still time for some 🍿.

  1. I fully support the WGA strike. ↩︎