IBM Plex

Speaking about default font, I went down the rabbit hole of “terminal” fonts back in February after reading Tim Bray’s Modern Mono. If you are looking at picking YOUR best choice, check out Coding Font it does a battle of fonts to narrow down the one you prefer.

I have changed my coding font to be IBM Plex Mono. This is how it looks:

IBM Plex Mono in the terminal

IBM site to showcase the Plex font family is exquisite, interspersed with some IBM history. Now Plex replaces Helvetica as the default corporate font after more than 50 years. And the font is available is under a libre license.

IBM used to be a major vendor of typewriters, and, not unlike word processor software, typewriters used to define the look of (business) correspondence and memos. Some of these fonts from the Selectrics directly influenced Plex.