These women tried to warn us

Rolling Stone magazine has a long piece These Women Tried to Warn Us About AI:

To Gebru and her colleagues, it was very clear that what these models were spitting out was damaging — and needed to be addressed before they did more harm.


Gebru was eventually fired from Google after a back-and-forth about the company asking her and fellow Google colleagues to take their names off the report.

It’s not about the danger of AI taking over the world and killing us, like Skynet. It is more about the pervasive misuse of AI, and how it impact people everyday, marginalizing people even more. There is no intelligence, there is just data it is trained on, and the source of that data is part of the problem, how it amplify the bias. And when these issues where pointed at, the big players (like Google) really didn’t like it, and the actions they took was to supress.

A highly recommended reading. These women of colour are doing tremendous work.