Handcrafted computers

While I was mentioning the 25th anniversary of the iMac and how its design influenced what came after, The Verge did pay A visit to the one-man computer factory:

“There’s something about modern design that feels very cold and inhuman to me,” he says. Look at the MacBook, for instance. “It’s a very well-machined rectangle, but it’s just a rectangle.”


In the music world, the folks who make and repair one-of-a-kind instruments are known as luthiers, and McNamara has started to think of himself as a “computer luthier.”

The comparison between the industrially built guitars that are inexpensive and hand made instruments crafted by luthiers is there. Any kind of instruments, but guitars resonate with me.

Let’s turn PC building into an art.

And the cherry on the top is the craftsman customized the software, using Linux, to tailor the piece to its intended use, truly personal.

I found this inspiring. Mythic Computer