Google antitrust and monopoly

It starts again. Another of the big tech companies is in court in the US to defend themselves against antitrust related action.

Ars Technica tells us Google hid evidence by training workers to avoid words monopolists use, DOJ says:

DOJ attorney Kenneth Dintzer argued that Google executives knew the company would be scrutinized as a monopoly and since at least 2003 have circulated “unambiguous instructions on phrases” employees should “avoid” to ensure that the company doesn’t “come across like monopolists,” Bloomberg reported.

“We should be careful about what we say in both public and private,” Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian, wrote in a July 2003 memo.


With this trial and all the documents filed, we’ll learn about many things that broke the “don’t be evil” moto that used to be for Google and that people believed. We’ll learn that Google did everything to make sure of Android dominent position is not because it’s a good product, but because they presented themselves a lock-in. It is know that in many market Google forced phone vendors to put Chrome by default to be able to be certified.

Sounds familiar?

Chrome is the new IE, Google is the new Microsoft.

I don’t much will happen in the US and it’s more in areas like Europe that measures will be taken by the regulators to try to limit the power of the monopoly.

Evidence #1 is Microsoft. What happened with antitrust action against them? Literally nothing.

Microsoft is the new IBM.