Links for February 2016

Interesting links for Frebruary

  • Geekdad has some tips about D&D preps for Dungeon mastering. Some of these things I must try.

  • Ars Technica reviewed Dungeon & Dragons 5th edition. Also with notes about Wizards of the Coast announcing that the default setting is the classic Forgotten Realms, and that they’d bring back Ravenloft.

  • And finally, because there is more than just D&D, Geek And Sundry tells us about 4 other Classic non D&D RPG: GURPS, Traveller, Dread and Dungeon World. I have to admit I had never heard of Dread. I’ll come back to talk about Traveller later.

  • The first season of The Expanse, a must see Science-Fiction TV series based on the James S.A. Corey book series of the same name (starting with Leviathan Wakes) is over. So now, Ars Technica tells us how the production went on to hiring a polyglot person to invent a new language. Interesting piece about details that make a store more compelling.

  • Fan of pulp science-fiction, the Internet Archive has the 176 issues of If magazine readable online or downloadable (take the PDF, the seem to be best). A treasure with probably a lot of lost work and stories for classic authors from 1953 to 1074. Frederick Pohl has been the magazine editor for several years.