Links for January 18th, 2020b

In the past few years I have been collecting and reading Traveller’s various editions, thanks to The Bundle of Holding. So when talks about it, I can’t resist:

  • Traveller: A Classic Science Fiction Simulator Howard Andrew Jones and Todd McAulty start a conversation about 1977 Traveller (aka Traveller Classic), how it evolved, including with its setting taking shape and still survive unlike other RPG of the time, and how it seems to have influenced Sci-Fi further down.

    Also remember Traveller allowed your character to die before finishing its creation ; like if they lived in a simulated adventure.

  • Appendix T

    From the previous article, Appendix T is the Traveller equivalent of D&D infamous Appendix N.

  • Is Joss Whedon’s Firefly based on the Traveller RPG he played?

    The question is not whether Firefly is inspired by Sci-Fi RPG its creator Joss Whedon played, but rather which one. And the answer seems to be Traveller.

  • Binaries Traveller

    A (synth) music album inspired by Traveller: Darrian, Maghiz, Spinward Marches, Sword Worlds. You can listen to it there. (2019)

  • Traveller (Slough Feg album)

    Of course I have to mention The Lord Weird Slough Feg 2003 album Traveller. From the cover with Traveller typography, to the track listing, you know this is Traveller RPG. The previous album Down Among the Deadmen has a track called Traders and Gunboats and just to confirm its relation with Traveller, the lyrics mention Solomani Rim, spinward marches and X-boats.