Fantasy Flight Games' RPG future

In January it was announced that Fantasy Flight Games laid off a large number of personel including the RPG department. There are several products in the pipeline to be released, but even then, what else could happen with less staff? FFG officially stated they were continuing RPG lines.

The RPG product line includes Star Wars RPG (SWRPG), Legend of the Five Rings and Genesys RPG, a generic system based off the narrative dice system that SWRPG uses, that includes an Android Netrunner sourcebook for the universe of the now discontinued Android Netrunner LCG, Realms of Terrinoth for the fanstasy universe of FFG tabletop games Runebound and Descent, as well a soon to be released Keyforge sourcebook.

The Star Wars RPG sub-reddit has a collection of links on the topic if you feel like digging into more details.

Star Wars RPG dice

Star Wars RPG dice - by Hubert Figuière, cc-by-sa

Now d20 Radio think that the longer term is to discontinue the RPG product line development. While products currently in the pipe will be released, they speculate that no new development will happen, effectively being the worse outcome ; this contradicts FFG January statement mentioned previously.

This was a predictable outcome of the Asmodee acquistions. Their objective is to maximize profits by getting rid of less profitable products and cutting costs.

Now that makes me extremely sad.

FFG published a high quality Star Wars RPG (I still have an unfinished review I should publish sooner rather than later). As a licensed franchise, it makes it so much harder for a small publisher to come and continue it as the price tag could be prohibitive. Even more since FFG still have all these other Star Wars tabletop games, one wonder if having a RPG license elsewhere is even possible?

Adam Koebel, GM of Far Verona, a streamed RPG that uses Genesys RPG for season 2 of the show, suggests that FFG release the system back to the developers (Twitter) so that Genesys can survive with a smaller publisher.

Now I need to actually get all these Star Wars RPG books I am missing but it will be hard as most of them are out of stock at the publisher.