Myst demake

Ars Technica, 30 years later, Myst demake for Atari 2600 reminds us how far we’ve come:

The 2600—a game console released in 1977 with only 128 bytes of RAM and a maximum resolution of 160×192 pixels—may seem an unlikely home for the graphically-rich multimedia extravaganza that was Myst in 1993. It’s a game once considered so large that it became a killer app for CD-ROM.

This is a “demake” (the opposite of remake). The challenge is interesting and the result impressive. I played the original Myst back in the 90s, what made Myst back then was the richness of its graphics and sounds making the world – I still sometime have the earworms from its soundtrack. And the Atari 2600 is even more difficult than the previous Apple ][ demake also showcased in the article.

On a side note, the original version of Myst was built with HyperCard on Macintosh. I’ll talk about HyperCard another day.

One more thing: here is the original Making of Myst (YouTube). I watched this many times as it came on the CD-ROM.