YouTube blocking

Android Authority reports YouTube confirms three-strikes test for ad blocking, here’s how it works:

A Redditor recently discovered that YouTube was testing a three-strikes policy for people using ad blockers. This would see video playback blocked for users if they insisted on using ad-blocking software. Now, YouTube has confirmed the test to Android Authority while also shedding more light on the policy.

In short YouTube is going against people using ad blockers when viewing videos on the website, at least as an experiment. Attention based economy where every views count doesn’t gel well with blocking walls. If creators and influencers view plumet as a side effect of this war, it will be harder on them.

Personally, since the deployment pre-roll ads, I have stopped watching YouTube any other way. I hear they have added mid-roll ads since.

If it comes to pass that I can’t use an ad blocker there, my viewership will dip. Every good things have an end.

And remember, install an ad blocker. It’s called user agency.