Twitter API breaking

Mashable tells us Twitter’s API keeps breaking, even for developers paying $42,000:

And developers shelling out for Twitter’s Enterprise API Plan, which starts at $42,000 per month, are experiencing sudden outages and disappointing service considering the money they’re paying.


Before Elon Musk, Twitter was known for having a robust third-party developer ecosystem.

I wonder who is shocked by this. I previously mentionned the meltdown when Twitter shut down the API without any warning, move that killed most of the third-party clients. Now it seems that those left and paying big money aren’t getting their money worth as the new management seems to be burning the house down. That’s what one could call a breaking change.

This when Twitter (and I mean the management) rate limit users on the number of tweet they can read in an alleged attempt to prevent “scraping”.

Imagine paying $42,000 for a Tesla and having it break immediately under warranty, and the manufacturer refusing to fix it.