Titanic mistake

Unless you lived under a rock, you probably heard of the billionaires dying in a submarine implosion while trying to visit the Titanic wreckage located 3600m down off the Canadian coast and all the means put into the search and rescue, all while several hundred of people were lost at sea in a when a migrant boat capsized off the coasts of Greece and later a dinghy sinking off the coast of Africa near the Canary Islands.1

Ben Taub for The New Yorker write about: The Titan Submersible Was “an Accident Waiting to Happen”2

The primary task of a submersible is to not implode.

It’s a long read. No need to quote.

Paragraph after paragraph, all the things that should not have been done were done. Working around existing regulations, etc. because it is “innovating”. Several people really wanted this to be successful didn’t want to even look like they were endorsing it, because of the actions of OceanGate.

My cynical view think that the attitude of OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush is also the attitude of a certain number in the tech industry, where regulations are just “blocking innovation” and where “innovators” don’t want to be told what they cannot do. In that case Rush was on board of the submarine because he believed it. But it’s not always the case.

  1. We can debate on the bias in reporting and action takens in regard to disaster. To me, the more notable news was the biggest tragedy barely reported. ↩︎

  2. wayback machine link ↩︎