Retro remote

The Verge The buttons on Zenith’s original ‘clicker’ remote were a mechanical marvel reviews a 1956 TV remote control from Zenith1. It was called Space Command, and didn’t even need batteries.

Note to future TV manufacturers: consider a blocky device with four strong buttons that won’t fall between the couch cushions.

It great to see the problem solving when you don’t have small and cheap electronics.

I do have an Apple TV with the touchpad remote and I find it the most horrible design, for the following reasons:

  • The touch pad is a terrible interface. It is so sensitive that many times it doesn’t do what you want.
  • It is too small, and with the touch pad, it’s literally touch the remote and activate something you didn’t want. Smaller is not always better.
  • It’s using some radio transmission, which mean that you don’t need to point at the device to control. When it fall in between the sofa cushions, it will activate something.

Terrible and defective design. I have heard the newer device have a different remote.

  1. Zenith was once a respected manufacturer of radio and TV in America. In the 80s they even made PCs. ↩︎