Spyware maker shutdown after compromise

Zack Whittaker for TechCrunch tells us Spyware maker LetMeSpy shuts down after hacker deletes server data:

Poland-based spyware LetMeSpy is no longer operational and said it will shut down after a June data breach wiped out its servers, including its huge trove of data stolen from thousands of victims’ phones.

Good riddance!

Software meant to stalk people and violate their privacy is criminal. But it seems that their skills for keep the collected information secure are inversely proportionate to their ethics. Deleted after being obtained is like adding insult to the injury.

Always double tap.

Some would say that spyware is basically every other piece of consumer software right now (and I tend to agree), but stalking and violating privacy was downright the intent. If you used it, I’m judging you. If you wrote it, you should be ashamed.

Doing this kind of spyware would be much harder if it wasn’t for surveillance capitalism. When a platform is built by an advertising company (Android by Google), then it is no surprise that this can happen. I don’t know what can be made to prevent it, but there are ways to make this harder, and all you need is to prioritize it at the product level.

Sometime I wonder if there shouldn’t be an hypocratic oath for engineering, software and else: do no harm.