Zoom: no more remote

In 2016 we got the meme “must be willing to relocate to San Francisco”. It was about a compony job ad, saying “We run a chat system for distributed and remote teams”. Then further down, the ad concluded “Must be willing to relocate to San Francisco”. In some forum a commented said “Have they heard of Slack?”. Little did the commenter know, it was a job ad for Slack. The internet irony reached new levels.

In 2020, the pandemic hit, and many companies discovered “remote work” and one company greatly benefited from it so much, that they joined the ranks of Xerox1, Photoshop and Scotch, ie brands that were turned into a common work. Let’s jump on that Zoom call.

Zoom share rose at least six-fold in 2020.

Zoom lately, as Business Insider tells us, The remote work revolution is officially dead: Zoom just told employees to return to the office:

Zoom, one of the main enablers and beneficiaries of remote work, just asked its employees to head back to the office. Those who live within 50 miles of a Zoom office must now work there at least two days a week, the company confirmed.

Wait what. Have they ever heard of Zoom ? ✊

  1. Rank Xerox was the UK based European subsidiary of Xerox. The pun was intended despite its obscurity. ↩︎