It's a kind of Magic

It seems that Magic: the Gathering, (MtG) the collectible card game is still a source of speculation, 30+ years on.

From NPR Post Malone bought Magic: The Gathering’s ‘One Ring’ card valued as high as $2 million:

Last year, American rapper and singer Post Malone dropped $800,000 on a rare Black Lotus card signed by the artist who drew it, making it the most expensive Magic: The Gathering card purchase ever — until now. He may have paid as much as $2 million for The One Ring, a one-of-a-kind card released in June.

Lucky are the one who sold these.

The collectible aspect of MtG really turned me off the game in the early days, so I never got into it ; and I lost a lot of RPG players from my group to it.

On the other hand, from Bloomberg Brazen Heist of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Cards Rattles Board Game Convention (maybe paywalled):

[…]the thieves made off with $261,645 worth of fantasy playing cards, according to a police report cataloging the stolen products.

“We realized immediately that we were one pallet short,”

This happened at GenCon (the annual game convention) where a pallet of Magic cards disappeared. Somebody must have rolled hot 🎲 🎲 🎲.